Pizza Types

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Throughout the years, pizza has been modified and changed into many different configurations. There are now different ways to bake the crust, decisions as to how much cheese and the type of different cheese, as well as different combinations of toppings. These variations have taken on names of their own depending on what toppings they have or where they originated from.

New York Style pizza is a hand tossed pizza that has normal amounts of sauce and cheese, the cheese is flexible and is traditionally folded when eaten.
Chicago Style pizza is a deep dish pizza which isn’t flexible and is baked in a deep pan making it good for stuffing with toppings under the cheese and/or marinara. This kind of pizza was said to be first made at Pizzeria Uno in 1843.
California Style pizza is a Thai pizza made with barbeque sauce, goat cheese, spinach or shaved carrots as toppings. The California Pizza Kitchen restaurant chain is popular for selling this dish.
Greek pizza is served mainly in New England and was popularized by Greek immigrants in the USA. It uses olive oil, and is baked in a pan in a pizza oven. Typically, it has feta cheese and sliced olives on it.
Hawaiian pizza, despite not having been created in Hawaii, is a normal pizza with pineapple and ham as its toppings. This pizza is extremely popular in America, Australia and Sweden; and is gaining popularity in the rest of Europe.
White pizza is a pizza that uses no tomato sauce and usually uses something like sour cream. The pizza use usually referred as Pizza Bianca in Rome.

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