Come to Sandy Oregon’s
favorite pizza place

What’s better than brick oven pizza? Sparky’s New York style pizza ovens. They allow our fresh NW vegetables to cook perfectly, maintaining all of their flavor and crunch. Our delectable meats marry with 100% mozzarella cheese and hand-crafted sauce to create the best flavor combinations. Best of all? Our ovens deliver a crust that’s crispy all the way through. From the center of the pie to the outer edge, you’ll get a great crunch with every single bite.

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Better pizza is
made with love

Our crust is made every day using fresh ingredients and classic methods for a taste and texture you can’t get anywhere else.

Get authentic New York style pizza
right here

What makes a pizza New York style? It’s big, bold, and easy to fold. We’ve taken the best of the east coast’s traditional pizzerias and made them even better.


What makes Sparky’s pizza so darn good?

  • Our pizza crusts are hand-tossed for the perfect consistency and shape.
  • We make our pizza dough on-site and fresh, every single day.
  • Local NW ingredients top our pizzas whenever possible.
  • Each of our sauces is homemade, and we use 100% full-fat mozzarella cheese.

Where do we eat
to-go pizza in Sandy?

What's tastier than Sparky's breadsticks?

Sparky's parmesan breadsticks with seasoning and dipping sauce!


Contact us now. It’s pizza time.

The sooner you order, the sooner you can enjoy Sandy’s best pizza. We can have your pie ready in as little as 20 minutes. Pick up the phone. Dinner is served.